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Krita's 2015 Kickstarter project

Krita 2.9 screenshotDevelopers of Krita, a popular Open Source bitmap editing and painting application, want to make their software as fast or even faster than Photoshop. With your help! Their 2014 Kickstarter campaign was a big success and all the support resulted in the best Krita release ever, Krita 2.9, with a number of new features. This year, developers are going for an ambitious goal - a raw, interactive performance and better memory efficiency, as well as support for traditional hand-drawn animation. And that's this year's big topic! With your backing, Krita 3.1 can be even better, even faster, and even more fun to use. Check their Kickstarter page here. [source]

Esri CityEngine 2015 provides advanced 3D urban environments
The new release of Esri CityEngine 2015 allows GIS professionals, architects, planners, and urban designers to create 3D city models faster and share them easily via ArcGIS Online. [more]
Golaem Crowd 4.0 for Maya
Golaem has released the latest version of their crowd simulation plug-in for Maya: Golaem Crowd 4. [more]
Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 is here!
Autodesk released a 2016 version of its flagship 3ds Max software (read this announcement for information on new features). [more]
Native Instruments KOMPLETE SELECT
Native Instrument released KOMPLETE SELECT -- a premium selection of 10 KOMPLETE instruments and effects carefully chosen to give producers working in all genres a wide-ranging toolset for music creation. [more]
Blender 2.75 Testbuild
First test build of the upcoming Blender version 2. [more]
The Foundry's MODO 901 to be released May 27
MODO 901, the latest version of The Foundry's 3D content creation solution, delivers innovative new features, accelerated performance and powerful enhancements to the core toolset that let artists and designers working independently or as part of a team create high-quality, beautiful output in less time. [more]

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