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Blender 2.62 out now


Blender Foundation 2.62 screenshot UV mapping stitchingThe Blender Foundation and on-line developer community released Blender 2.62. For more information on features, read our previous news release. Detailed Release Log has been posted here. Binaries for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, Linux/FreeBSD, and Mac OS X (incl. a 32-bit PowePC build) are available at this location... [source]

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3Delight 2.0 for 3ds Max available for download

Coca-cola Polar Bears commercial 3Delight video DNA Research announced immediate availability of 3Delight for 3ds Max 2.0, their production-grade rendering engine for Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 and 2015. It is available immediately. 3Delight for 3ds Max is built on top of the renowned 3Delight rendering core used in many film projects such as the Robocop, TMNT, Elysium, The Nut Job, Happy Feet 2, District 9 and for the rendering of the main character Chappie in the movie of the same name. 3Delight's unique rendering technology includes production-grade path-tracing and REYES algorithms, high quality rendering of smooth subdivision surfaces, fine displacements, hair, particles, motion-blur, depth of field and other hard to render effects. The renderer also features per-light AOVs output (including separation of environment and incandescence) as well as real-time light mixing; physically plausible materials including 3Delight Glass and 3Delight Skin materials; support for V-Ray shaders; non-blocking rendering; and more! As with all DNA Research rendering plug-ins and tools, the first license of 3Delight for 3ds Max is offered for free (limited to 8 cores). It is available immediately for download, here. [source]

Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 is here!
Autodesk released a 2016 version of its flagship 3ds Max software (read this announcement for information on new features). [more]
The Foundry delivers NUKE Non-commercial!
Artists interested in exploring NUKE, NUKEX and NUKE STUDIO can now do so for free with NUKE Non-commercial, the much-anticipated offering from The Foundry. [more]
Steinberg Cubase Elements 8 and Cubase Pro 8 trial versions
To get an overall impression of Cubase, its capabilities and line-up, Steinberg recommends visiting the Cubase product pages or to download one of the newly available trial versions: Cubase Pro 8 Trial and Cubase Elements 8 Trial. [more]
Fusion 8 will be available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
As revealed earlier this month, Fusion 8, Blackmagic Design's advanced visual effects and motion graphics software, will be released on Mac OS X and Linux. [more]
DaVinci Resolve 12 with over 80 new features
Blackmagic Design announced DaVinci Resolve 12, a major upgrade with over 80 new features for professional editing and color grading. [more]
Apple updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor
Apple updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor with new features for motion graphics and key enhancements to accelerate video editing, packaging and delivery. [more]

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