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IK Multimedia updates iGrand Piano and iLectric Piano
[permalink] 18.02.2015

IK Multimedia iGrand Piano video iOS iPhone iPad IK Multimedia announced updated versions of its acclaimed piano apps iGrand Piano for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and iLectric Piano for iPad. The apps, which provide players with some of the best acoustic and electric piano sounds on the planet, now sport a variety of powerful new features: full compatibility with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio in iOS 8, new instrument expansion libraries, an improved user preset management system and more. In addition, iGrand Piano now includes the same semi-parametric equalizer included in iLectric Piano. Both apps are ideal for use with IK Multimedia's iRig KEYS line of portable MIDI keyboard controllers, like iRig KEYS PRO and iRig KEYS. When paired they create the ultimate mobile solution for the discerning keyboard player on the go. The latest versions of iGrand Piano for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad and iLectric Piano for iPad are available now as a complimentary update for existing users or individually as paid apps for just $19.99 US / 18.99 EUR for new users. A free version of iGrand Piano is also available. [source]

Unity 4.6.2 with 64-bit iOS support
[permalink] 02.02.2015

Unity Technologies Unity game engine 2.6 screenshotVersion 4.6.2 of the popular game engine Unity is the first public release with iOS 64-bit support, using their new IL2CPP technology. IL2CPP is an innovative scripting technology developed in-house by Unity. It delivers greatly improved performance for all scripting inside projects, and is compatible with the current Mono-AOT solution used on iOS builds. IL2CPP enables the developers to rapidly port their scripting solution to new platforms (WebGL support etc.) and architectures, of which ARM64 (the architecture that underpins 64-bit on iOS devices) is one. With Unity 4.6.2 you'll thus be able to make a Universal build that works on both 32-bit and 64-bit iOS devices. [source]

IK Multimedia: iRig UA, iRig Mic Studio, Rig PowerBridge
[permalink] 22.01.2015

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio video IK revealed three new products at NAMM this year. The new iRig UA, is the first digital effects processor and interface to allow universal near-zero latency guitar processing with AmpliTube UA on all devices with Android 4.0 or higher and that support USB host mode/USB OTG. IK has solved the issue of Android platform fragmentation and OS latency by moving the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to iRig UA. It features a built-in high performance 32-bit DSP, a 24-bit A/D converter, 44.1/48KHz sample rate, a crystal clear low-noise instrument preamp and an ultra-compact enclosure. With its premium specifications, it's able to provide great sound, better playability, extreme portability and an unprecedented cross-platform compatibility. It will be available Q2, 2015, for $99.99 US / 79.99 EU. The second new product, iRig Mic Studio, is an ultra-portable large-diaphragm digital condenser microphone for iOS devices, Mac/PC and Android. Offering an extremely portable size, it packs a 1" diameter condenser capsule into an ultra-compact enclosure to capture professional recordings anywhere. It comes in silver or black and will be available Q1, 2015, for $179.99 US / 144.99 EUR. Coming last is the iRig PowerBridge, new charging system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that allows for the continuous charge of the device while using iRig accessories. Now mobile musicians can practice, perform and record with their favorite 30-pin or Lightning-compatible digital IK gear - like iRig Mic HD, iRig HD, iRig Keys, iRig PRO or iRig MIDI 2 - for as long as they want, anytime and everywhere. iRig PowerBridge will ship Q1, 2015 in two versions - one for Lightning and one for 30-pin - priced at $69.99 US / 54.99 EUR. All prices are excluding VAT. [source]

New music-making service from Propellerhead
[permalink] 01.01.2015

Propellerhead Music Making Service photo Create, share, collaborate and remix with other musicians using the new Propellerhead music-making service. This free music service connects the Figure and Take mobile apps with the award-winning Reason music production software, to make it easy to exchange music pieces. Propellerhead is also introducing Discover, feeds of inspiring community-made music. Users will be able to move musical ideas between mobile apps and Reason, share music publicly, and find inspiration in Discover, Propellerhead-curated, community-made music pieces, all ready and available for use in their creations. Updated versions of Reason (8.1), Take and Figure that connect to the service are available now. [source]

End-of-the-year updates for Adobe Illustrator Line and Photoshop Sketch
[permalink] 31.12.2014

Adobe Sketch Line iPad logos Adobe has been busy making Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Illustrator Line apps even better. Both have been updated with support for Pencil by FiftyThree and Wacom's Intuos Creative Stylus 1, Intuos Creative Stylus 2, and the new Bamboo Stylus Fineline! The applications now also save drawings periodically so if your iPad crashes or its battery runs out, your work will be recovered when you launch the app again. The updated versions of Adobe Illustrator Line and Adobe Photoshop Sketch are available now (free) in the iTunes App Store. More here. [source]

Apple releases WatchKit
[permalink] 24.11.2014

Apple Watch photo SDK dev kit Apple announced the availability of WatchKit, software that gives developers a set of tools to easily create experiences designed specifically for Apple Watch. Developers can create innovative WatchKit apps, actionable notifications and Glances, for timely information accessible by an easy, quick look at Apple Watch. Developers can create notifications that allow users to take action or respond right from their wrist such as turning the lights off after they've left the house, quickly accessing flight details at the airport, and rerouting their transit when a train or bus is late. Developers can incorporate Glances, which quickly show users information they care about most, such as the latest news and sports scores, alarm system status or the next step of a favorite recipe. The iOS 8.2 SDK beta including WatchKit is available immediately for iOS Developer Program members at developer.apple.com/watchkit. The WatchKit site includes programming guides, human interface guidelines, templates and more. Starting later next year, developers will be able to create fully native apps for Apple Watch. [source]

AmpliTube for iPhone and iPad adds iOS 8 support
[permalink] 14.11.2014

IK Multimedia AmpliTube iOS 8 screenshot IK Multimedia announced a new version of AmpliTube for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effects processor app now includes new features and gear that complement its comprehensive recording functions and vast collection of virtual equipment. With its 2 new high-gain ENGL amps, direct iRig BlueBoard integration, 8-track recorder (on the iPhone and iPod touch version), cross-app file and purchase sharing, new Loop Drummer Style Packs and more, the new AmpliTube for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is the most powerful version to date. The new AmpliTube is also fully compatible with iOS 8, including Audiobus, and its latency and MIDI control have both been improved. The new version of AmpliTube is a complimentary update for existing users of all versions of AmpliTube, and it's available now as both a free or paid app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for $19.99 US / 17.99 EUR for new users. The new ENGL E650 and ENGL Powerball amp heads are available via in-app purchase for $6.99 US / 5.99 EUR each. The new Loop Drummer 2 Style Packs are available via in-app purchase for $3.99 US / 3.59 EUR each. [source]

Adobe introduces Premiere Clip
[permalink] 23.10.2014

Adobe Premiere Pro CLip iPhone iPad The new Premiere Clip is Adobe's free app that lets users, in a few quick steps, turn clips and images from their iPhones or iPads into polished videos, and then share them with friends, family, and clients. It's a powerful tool for creative pros; and for established video pros, the app makes it easy to create edits on-the-go and draft a project for further refining in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. [source]

Autodesk's all-new SketchBook for mobile
[permalink] 13.10.2014

Autodesk SketchBook Mobile 5 years anniversary video As a mobile version of Autodesk SketchBook celebrate its five-year anniversary, Autodesk is unveiling a brand new SketchBook for iOS and Android, including Intel-based Android mobile devices, which unites the mobile experience across all platforms, so the same SketchBook app will work on both mobile phones and tablets. With this consistent design philosophy guiding their efforts, Autodesk developed new tools to further enrich the mobile drawing toolkit, including layer blending modes including glow and soft glow, selection tools for manipulating, transforming, and drawing within specific parts of the image, all new brushes, including a set of synthetic and smudge brushes (a top community-requested addition), dynamic flood fill tools with solid, linear and radial gradients, a completely redesigned and customizable UI, an enhanced gallery for an easy way to view, organize and manage sketches, optimizations for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iOS 8, and more. [source]

Livestream: Broadcast live from GoPro Hero cameras
[permalink] 06.10.2014

Livestream iOS update screenshotThe latest update to the Livestream app for iOS includes an exciting new feature that allows users to broadcast live using your GoPro Hero as a camera source! For the first time ever, users can share their GoPro video live with millions of people worldwide - all they need is tjeir GoPro camera and the Livestream app for iOS! [source]

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Autodesk Maya 2017

Autodesk Maya 2017 introductory video The new release of Maya, Autodesk's 3D animation package, includes major workflow upgrades with new tools like the Time Editor, which is a comprehensive tool for creating and editing clip-based non-linear animation. Similarly, Autodesk's new Render Setup system simplifies the management of complex scenes with shot-based overrides and templates. In addition, grooming all types of hair and fur in XGen is easier and faster using new Interactive Groom Splines, which includes a set of intuitive brush-based tools. Finally, the new Content Browser, and new Workspaces capabilities let you personalize Maya. The new motion graphics features include the 3D Type Tool, the SVG Tool, and the MASH Procedural Effects Toolkit to create versatile motion design animations. In addition, Maya 2017 includes all the updates from previous extension releases. [source]

Get a 40% discount off FurryBall RT upgrades
Art And Animation Studio's GPU-accelerated 3D rendering software FurryBall can now be upgraded to the latest FurryBall RT 1. [more]
Softube Modular out now
Softube's award-winning modeling experts have combined their talents with the legendary Eurorack inventors at Doepfer and the top minds at powerhouses like Intellijel. [more]
A trio of AAX Crane Song plug-ins to warm up your mix
Crane Song's three unique plug-ins -- Phoenix II, Peacock, and RA -- are for sale on the Avid Marketplace at a 15% discount. [more]
Red Giant Software Trapcode Suite 13.1
An update to Red Giant Software's Trapcode Suite tools for 3D motion graphics and visual effects for Adobe After Effects is free for current users and adds new features to Form, Tao and Sound Keys; new presets for Mir and Tao; and bug fixes for Particular, Form, Mir, Tao, Form, and Lux. [more]
Blackmagic Camera 4.0 update with new camera OS for URSA Mini
Public beta version of Blackmagic Camera 4.0 update adds new features and entirely new software to URSA Mini cameras that's faster and easier to use. [more]
Steinberg hardware ready for Redstone beta
Steinberg announced their current line of hardware products is compatible with the 64-bit beta version of Windows 10 update codenamed Redstone. [more]

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