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Free HALion 6 trial version
[permalink] 05.04.2017

Steinberg Halion 6 Halion Sonic 3 coverSteinberg announced the immediate availability of the free HALion 6 trial. There are many new tools and instruments in HALion 6, like the new Sampler Recorder, next-generation wavetable synthesis and six new instrument libraries for the modern composer, producer and sound designer. Try HALion 6 now for 30 days and experience all sounds and features of the retail version. The comprehensive sound design environment is compatible with all VST 3, VST 2, AU and AAX host applications and does not require an USB-eLicenser. Get it here. [source]

Steinberg Cubase 8.5.30 improves Dorico compatibility, new trial versions
[permalink] 10.03.2017

Steinberg Cubase 7 screenshotSteinberg released a maintenance update 8.5.30 for Cubase Pro and Artist. The update greatly improves the compatibility with MusicXML exports for imports into Dorico. Also the stability across different areas of the applications has increased besides several resolved issues that these updates provide (more). Get the Cubase Pro update here. Also available are new trial versions of Cubase Pro 9 and Cubase Elements 9. [source]

CINEMA 4D Service Release 18 (SP2)
[permalink] 16.01.2017

Maxon Cinema 4D R17 Animation Improvements screenshotThis new service release improves stability and performance of Maxon's CINEMA 4D software for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering. The update is recommended for all users and includes fixes in the areas of file exchange, MoGraph and modeling and also improves the Texture Manager's functionality (change list PDF). Together with this service release you can also download the trial version of the NVIDIA iRay plug-in directly in CINEMA 4D. [source]

Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.2 adds support for HitFilm Pro 2017
[permalink] 12.12.2016

Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Suite 13 videoRed Giant Software's Magic Bullet Suite of visual effect plug-ins has been updated. Version 13.0.2 adds several bug fixes, support for HitFilm Pro 2017 across the board, and support for high resolution displays on Windows inside the Magic Bullet Looks effect. You can get the update here or use Red Giant Link to update. If you're new to Magic Bullet Suite, you can get a demo version, here. [source]

Steinberg Dorico updated, demo version now available
[permalink] 01.12.2016

Steinberg Dorico videoSteinberg's new Dorico notation software has been updated to version 1.0.10. This update includes more than 200 enhancements and fixes, including substantial performance improvements throughout the application, initial support for VST Expression Maps, new Transpose dialog, new tools for selecting music quickly, auditioning of notes during input and editing, support for instruments that do not show key signatures, e.g. French horn and timpani, and more. Get it here. Steinberg also released a free 30-day trial version of Dorico. [source]

Non-Commercial RenderMan 21 just released!
[permalink] 16.11.2016

Pixar RenderMan 21 Non-Commercial Cookies The new non-commercial version of Pixar's RenderMan 21 includes lights and shaders developed during the production of Finding Dory and Piper (more). It is free for all non-commercial purposes, including evaluations, education, research, and personal projects. The non-commercial version of RenderMan is fully functional without watermark or limitation (more), and ships with artist-friendly plug-ins for Autodesk Maya and The Foundry Katana. It is also compatible with Houdini, Blender, and Nuke (via AOVs, LPEs & Deep Textures). CINEMA 4D support is in development. Non-Commercial RenderMan (NCR) can be downloaded here. Pixar also released two new tutorials for NCR 21: Cookies and Milk, and Bullets over Broadway. [source]

Sibelius First 8 now available
[permalink] 24.10.2016

Avid Sibelius screenshot 8The new Sibelius First 8 -- Avid's notation and scoring software for composing enthusiast -- includes the same rest collision avoidance feature Avid introduced in Sibelius 8.1. The feature, switched on by default, manages rests in a way to avoid collisions with notes as users input and edit notes. When working in multiple voices, rests are now automatically vertically grouped with the pitches of surrounding notes. The new version also allows to slide and move notes in time, features new staff sizes originally added in Sibelius 8.4, supports Windows 8/10 & Mac OS 10.11/10.12, and more! Download a free trial. [source]

Get a 40% discount off FurryBall RT upgrades
[permalink] 11.08.2016

AAA Animation Studio FurryBall Render Art And Animation Studio's GPU-accelerated 3D rendering software FurryBall can now be upgraded to the latest FurryBall RT 1.3 version for just 159 EUR, provided you own a license of any older version (FurryBall 1 - 4) or older FurryBall RT versions with expired maintenance contracts. FurryBall RT supports Maya, CINEMA 4D and 3ds Max hosts, with all plug-ins provided for free with the license. [source]

Softube Modular out now
[permalink] 17.06.2016

Softube Modular video Softube's award-winning modeling experts have combined their talents with the legendary Eurorack inventors at Doepfer and the top minds at powerhouses like Intellijel. With intricate measuring and circuit modeling, they've developed authentic emulations of original hardware that are as close to hardware as you can get, announced Softube. Softube Modular is a cross-platform modular synthesizer plug-in standard that features authorized emulations of modules from well-known hardware Eurorack brands, including six authorized Doepfer modules (A-110-1 VCO, A-108 VCF, A-132-3 Dual VCA, A-140 ADSR, A-118 Noise/Random, A-147 VCLFO), and over 20 utility modules (such as MIDI to CV/gate, mixers, slew, sample & hold, switches, multiples, delay, offset, sequencers, clock dividers, logic and signal tools, as well as a polyphonic MIDI to CV/gate module). Softube Modular is compatible with VST, VST3, Audio Units and AAX Native hosts running on Windows or Mac OS X systems, and is priced at an introductory price of 75 USD (99 USD regular). [source]

A trio of AAX Crane Song plug-ins to warm up your mix
[permalink] 03.06.2016

Crane Song AAX plug-ins Crane Song's three unique plug-ins -- Phoenix II, Peacock, and RA -- are for sale on the Avid Marketplace at a 15% discount. Enhance your mix, recreate desirable analog character, and solve some common sonic problems with these powerful AAX tools: Phoenix II offers an analog tape emulation; RA is a flexible plug-in used to modify harmonic content, do soft clipping, and bring out detail in audio content; while Peacock emulates the sound of a vinyl record and can enrich the bottom of a recording and fatten vocals. All are available for AAX DSP and AAX Native. [source]

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Arturia announces availability of AudioFuse

Arturia AudioFuse video Arturia announced that the AudioFuse -- their debut audio interface -- is now on its way to retailers. After a long period of rigorous testing and refining, AudioFuse is now ready to greet the global community of musicians, producers, engineers, and audiophiles. The first units are expected to arrive mid-June, 2017. Sporting high quality hardware, unparalleled signal fidelity, and exclusive DiscretePRO preamps with a >131dB A-weighted EIN rating, and loaded with contemporary features and professional components, AudioFuse is a small, powerful, and versatile addition to anyone's creative setup. AudioFuse can be used with a huge variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and even Linux. [source]

Free HALion 6 trial version
Steinberg announced the immediate availability of the free HALion 6 trial. [more]
Steinberg Cubase 8.5.30 improves Dorico compatibility, new trial versions
Steinberg released a maintenance update 8.5.30 for Cubase Pro and Artist. [more]
CINEMA 4D Service Release 18 (SP2)
This new service release improves stability and performance of Maxon's CINEMA 4D software for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering. [more]
V-Ray 3.5 for Modo
Chaos Software added new, cutting-edge features to V-Ray for Modo. [more]
Propellerhead releases free Reason 9.5 update with VST support
Propellerhead Software released Reason 9.5, the newest update to its award-winning Reason music production software. [more]
Unreal Engine 4.16 with new Volumetric Fog feature
Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4.16 includes new rendering and animation features, significant performance improvements for mobile and console platforms, and a plethora of quality of life enhancements that will make it even easier to make stunning environments and engaging experiences that run smoothly on a wider variety of platforms. [more]

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