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Adobe Premiere Clip 2.0
[permalink] 08.10.2015

Adobe Premiere Clip 2.0 video Adobe's new Premiere Clip 2.0 app is now available for download in the App Store. The new release of Premiere Clip includes a number of enhancements to make video editing on the move easier, faster and more fun. Version 2.0 includes automatic video creation, Sync to Music functionality, Lightroom on Mobile integration, improved editing and a new streamlined user interface. [source]

Native Instruments releases free Stem Creator application
[permalink] 08.10.2015

Native Instruments Stem Creator screenshot Native Instruments released the official full version of Stem Creator -- the first standalone application developed specifically for Stem file creation. Available now for free download via stems-music.com, the new tool provides a simple way to create high-quality Stem files using a drag-and-drop interface and integrated mastering controls to fine-tune the final mixed Stem file's sound. Stems enables producers, DJs, labels, online stores, and the entire world to create their own Stem files and discover a new music experience. A Stem file contains a track split into four musical elements: a drums stem, a bassline stem, a melody stem, and a vocal stem for example. Each stem can be controlled independently to create instant new mixes, mashups, instrumentals, a cappellas, and more. Stem Creator is designed for the sole purpose of processing audio files into the four-channel stem.mp4 format, streamlining Stem file creation for simplicity and ease of use. Native Instruments recently introduced Stem file support in TRAKTOR PRO 2, providing instant plug-and-play connectivity with TRAKTOR KONTROL S8, S5, D2, and F1. [source]

Alien Skin Exposure X sneak peek
[permalink] 07.10.2015

Alien Skin Exposure video Alien Skin revealed a new version of its Exposure software and plug-in for photo manipulation. Exposure X will add photo management features, including easy backups, and new user interface improvements. Users will be able to rearrange all the panels where they need them and completely hide ones they don't use. There are new shortcut keys for common photo edits, such as brightness and vibrance. The Basic panel has a white balance eyedropper, Temperature, and Tint controls. The new Detail panel provides noise reduction and sharpening. Exposure X will be available before the end of 2015. If you purchase Exposure 7 now, the upgrade will be free. [source]

AmpliTube for iOS with new Ampeg and Fulltone gear, iOS 9-compatible
[permalink] 06.10.2015

IK Multimedia AmpliTube iOS 8 screenshotIK Multimedia announced a new update to AmpliTube for iPhone and iPad. The update lets musicians export loops made in the Looper feature so they can be used in the DAW for song composition or other audio apps. In addition to the new gear and features, AmpliTube now sports easier gear navigation and selection, iOS 9 compatibility and a number of new in-app gear bundles. The new 4.1 version features 7 new pieces of gear available via in-app purchase, including Ampeg SVT-4PRO, Fulltone OCD, Metal W, Metal 150, Acoustic Sim, Wharmonator, and X-Flanger. [source]

RE:Vision Effects releases DE:Flicker for OpenFX hosts
[permalink] 05.10.2015

Re:Vision Effects DE:Flicker video The DE:Flicker plug-in is designed to smooth out image flicker and artifacts when shooting high frame rate or timelapse video. It not only fixes flicker from artificial light sources but also fixes flicker on multiple objects, even when those objects flicker at different rates. DE:Flicker also minimizes problems when shooting directly at light sources, causing them to "breathe" and change size when shot at higher frame rates. RE:Vision Effects released a new version of the plug-in for OpenFX hosts, including Nuke, Vegas Pro, Fusion, HitFilm, Scratch, Natron and Nucoda. DE:Flicker continues to be available for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Motion, which requires a separate license. DE:Flicker for Nuke, Fusion, Scratch, and Nucoda is $249.95 US. [source]

Sibelius 8.0.1 with over 100 Improvements
[permalink] 02.10.2015

Avid Sibelius screenshot 8Avid released Sibelius v8.0.1, with over 100 improvements as well as new multi-seat annual subscription offerings for schools. The new version features fully localized editions of What's New, Tutorials and Reference guides; enhanced UI; better multi-touch features; and many resolved issues. To update, open Sibelius and go to File > Help > Check for Updates to open Application Manager. If you need to download the latest version independently of Application Manager, you can find the latest links from within your Avid Master Account. [source]

Mac OS X El Capitan available as a free update
[permalink] 01.10.2015

Apple MacBook OS X El Capitan screenshotMac OS X El Capitan, the latest major release of Apple's advanced desktop operating system, is available, as a free update for all users. El Capitan builds on the features and design of Mac OS X Yosemite, and adds streamlined Mission Control; enhanced Safari browser now featuring Pinned Sites to keep your favorite websites open and active and a new mute button to quickly silence browser audio from any tab; an all-new Notes app that lets you drag and drop photos, PDFs, videos and other files into a note; as well as improved system performance. Metal, Apple's advanced graphics technology, accelerates Core Animation and Core Graphics to boost system-level rendering by up to 50 percent, and efficiency by up to 40 percent, resulting in faster graphics performance for everyday apps. Metal also takes full advantage of CPUs and GPUs, delivering up to 10 times faster draw call performance for a richer, more fluid experience in pro apps. El Capitan supports all Macs introduced in 2009 and later, and some models introduced in 2007 and 2008. [source]

GenArts Sapphire 9
[permalink] 01.10.2015

Genarts Sapphire 9 video GenArts Inc. announced the release of Sapphire 9, its collection of visual effect plug-ins. This marks the shortest time elapsed between version releases in Sapphire's history, allowing active Upgrade and Support customers and current subscribers to upgrade to version 9 free of charge. The new version adds BokehLights, complex and creative patterns of defocused lights that animate and scale over time; astronomically accurate star field renderer NightSky; Aurora, producing swirling patterns similar to the Aurora Borealis; hypnotic, spiral effect similar to infinite regression called InfiniteZoom; new CutToDissolve transition; automatic repair tool for bad pixels, dropouts, or random noise in a frame named RepairFrames; and improvemen ts in the Builder section. Sapphire 9 is available for the industry's leading compositing and editing platforms, including Nuke, Fusion, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Media Composer or Premiere Pro. [source]

RE:Vision Effects announces important updates for Premiere Pro users
[permalink] 30.09.2015

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Q1 2015 Creative Cloud update videoRE:Vision Effects updated the GPU support for DE:Flicker, DE:Noise, ReelSmart Motion Blur and Twixtor plug-ins. Premiere Pro users will now see utilization of two or more GPUs at the same time, provided they are the fastest GPU on the machine, and are of the exact same type. On a MacPro with two D700s, an expected speedup is up to 2.1x over the previous versions of Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur. Furthermore, GPU support within Premiere Pro no longer requires that Premiere Pro supports the GPU. [source]

Apple announces record iPhone 6s sales
[permalink] 29.09.2015

Apple iPhone 6 Apple MusicApple has announced it has sold more than 13 million new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models, a new record, just three days after launch. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available in more than 40 additional countries beginning October 9 including Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, and Taiwan. The new iPhones will be available in over 130 countries by the end of the year. [source]

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RED RAVEN: Affordable 4K camera from RED!

RED RAVEN video RED Digital Cinema announced a new camera, RED RAVEN. The new model will ship February 2016 starting at $5,950 US (body only), and will feature a RED DRAGON sensor with 4K resolution and up to 120 fps frame rate. According to the announcement, it will shoot 4K at 24 fps with a REDCODE RAW 3:1 compression, with a dynamic range of 16.5+ stops. The 8.8 MP RED DRAGON sensor's is approx. equivalent to APS-C and Academy 35 formats. In addition to RAW, the RAVEN will also support Apple ProRes 422, with the data being stored on the company's standard RED MINI-MAG SSD disks. [source]

V-Ray 3.1 for Maya
Chaos Group announced the immediate availability of V-Ray 3. [more]
New Adobe Digital Publishing Solution
Adobe announced the general availability of Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS), the next generation of its Digital Publishing Suite, pioneering new ways for brands to deliver high-impact content to mobile apps. [more]
LumenRT 2015.5
E-on software's 3D immersive communication platform for architecture and GeoDesign, LumenRT, has been updated. [more]
Sibelius 8.0.1 with over 100 Improvements
Avid released Sibelius v8.0.1, with over 100 improvements as well as new multi-seat annual subscription offerings for schools. [more]
Mac OS X El Capitan available as a free update
Mac OS X El Capitan, the latest major release of Apple's advanced desktop operating system, is available, as a free update for all users. [more]
RE:Vision Effects announces important updates for Premiere Pro users
RE:Vision Effects updated the GPU support for DE:Flicker, DE:Noise, ReelSmart Motion Blur and Twixtor plug-ins. [more]

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