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Chaos Group releases Phoenix FD 3 fluid dynamics plug-in for Autodesk Maya
[permalink] 13.03.2017

Chaos Group Phoenix FD 3.0 videoChaos Group released Phoenix FD 3 for Maya, a major update to its all-in-one fluid dynamics plug-in for Autodesk Maya. Phoenix FD supports a wide range of fluid simulations including smoke, fire, water and oceans, making it a popular choice for fast-paced television productions such as Arrow, Once Upon a Time and The Man in the High Castle. With a new FLIP liquid solver, plus a new fire and smoke solver, Phoenix FD 3 for Maya delivers realistic visual effects in shorter time frames. Phoenix FD 3 for Maya's quick presets and intuitive controls now make it faster and easier for artists to create any type of fluid simulation. Phoenix FD works seamlessly in Maya and renders with V-Ray, Chaos Group's Academy Award-winning rendering solution. Available now as a free upgrade for all Phoenix FD 2.x for Maya customers. A Phoenix FD 3 for Maya Workstation license is 830 USD and includes one floating user license and one floating simulation license. Additional simulation licenses are available for 210 USD. [source]

Painter kicks off 'Epic Character Contest' on Drawcrowd
[permalink] 10.03.2017

Corel Painter 2017 screenshotCorel Painter today officially unveiled its Epic Character Contest, a new art challenge for comic illustrators, concept artists, and everyone who enjoys creature or character design. Enter to win 1 of 3 amazing prize packs with goodies from Wacom, Nintendo, ImagineFX, Smith Micro / Celsys, Corel and more. Now live on Drawcrowd and running through April 14, the Epic Character Contest asks artists to do one thing -- create the most epic character ever! To enter, create an original character in Corel Painter and/or Clip Studio Paint Pro. Enter today at drawcrowd.com/epiccharacter. [source]

Livestream's new HTML5 player
[permalink] 10.03.2017

Livestream Studio software screenshotHTML5 has become the industry standard in video viewing as more web browsers are eliminating the need for plug-ins and add-ons shifting to HTML5 players that have greater flexibility than their Flash counterparts. Now Livestream producers and viewers alike will enjoy more resilient playback on Livestream.com and Livestream's player embeds as well. This new player is responsive, equipped for quicker load times and less processing power so it won't slow down computers. Livestream will implement the HTML5 player across all browsers, including support for Safari, Firefox, and others. These changes are automatic, so users will not need to adjust their account settings, nor will they incur any additional cost. [source]

Steinberg Cubase 8.5.30 improves Dorico compatibility, new trial versions
[permalink] 10.03.2017

Steinberg Cubase 7 screenshotSteinberg released a maintenance update 8.5.30 for Cubase Pro and Artist. The update greatly improves the compatibility with MusicXML exports for imports into Dorico. Also the stability across different areas of the applications has increased besides several resolved issues that these updates provide (more). Get the Cubase Pro update here. Also available are new trial versions of Cubase Pro 9 and Cubase Elements 9. [source]

50% off Convergent Design's Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q RAW Bundle
[permalink] 10.03.2017

Convergent Design Odyssey7Q photoFor a limited time (until April 15, 2017) Convergent Design offers promotional pricing of 495 USD for the Odyssey Raw Bundle for Odyssey camera monitors/recorders. That's 500 USD off their most comprehensive upgrade option, including HFR support, full RAW support, RAW to ProRes recording, and dual stream HD. The Odyssey RAW Bundle offers RAW support for more than 5 camera manufacturers (including ARRI, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, IO Industries, and IndieCam) and over 10 camera models, making it the most versatile and affordable solution for professional use. With an average free firmware update every 2.5 months since shipping in January 2014, both the Odyssey and the RAW Bundle have seen a multitude of free features and additional support. [source]

Waves introduces the Dugan Automixer + Dugan Speech Bundle
[permalink] 08.03.2017

Waves Dugan Automixer plug-in screenshotWaves Audio introducef the Waves Dugan Automixer + Dugan Speech bundle. The Dugan plug-ins save users the tedious need to manually ride faders while trying to keep up with several people talking at once. Now, with the Waves Dugan Automixer + Dugan Speech bundle, this has never been easier. Developed with pro audio inventor Dan Dugan, both Dugan plug-ins are powered by his patented voice-activated process. The bundle includes two plug-ins for auto-mixing multiple mics in real time: the new Dugan Speech for integrated use inside the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixing console, and the Dugan Automixer for other major live sound consoles. Owners of the Dugan Automixer plug-in with Waves Update Plan coverage can upgrade to the bundle at no added cost. [source]

Grass Valley EDIUS 8.32
[permalink] 07.03.2017

Grass Valley EDIUS 8 screenshotNew 8.32 update for Grass Valley's popular Windows-only NLE software EDIUS adds a Storyboard function for cut editing and creating simple video sequence into the GV Browser (now renamed to Mync), support for displaying acquisition metadata of XAVC/S, XDCAM or Sony RAW in EDIUS Bins, and several bug fixes. More here. [source]

Boris FX announces major updates for Sapphire 11, Continuum 11 and Mocha VR
[permalink] 07.03.2017

Boris FX Continuum 11 Primatte Plug-in screenshot Boris FX will be showcasing major new versions of its premier plug-in packages Continuum and Sapphire, along with its new 360/VR tool, Mocha VR, at the NAB 2017, April 24-27, in Las Vegas. Sapphire 11 will be updated to include integrated Academy Award-winning Mocha tracking and masking technology for creative effects isolation. A license agreement with Photron will bring powerful Primatte chroma keying to all Boris FX products. The Boris FX Suite will be a new bundle product making the Sapphire, Continuum and Mocha Pro available together on one license with cost effective pricing. And for the first time in Sapphire's 20+ year history, the expansive Sapphire toolset will be offered as nine individual Sapphire Units. Sapphire Units break down the most popular filters into needful categories, allowing for greater pricing flexibility. Also announced, the Boris Continuum 11 will add new tools, including Primatte's chromakeyer. New Title Studio features include a real-time 3D particle engine and improved UI for motion graphics and title design; and a new 360/VR Unit based on Mocha VR technology for 360 video finishing includes Reorient, 360 optimized blurs and sharpening, and an Insert 2D 360 filter. [source]

Blackmagic Design: New URSA Mini Pro camera and two new panels for Resolve now shipping!
[permalink] 03.03.2017

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K B4 mount photo EF PL RED RAVEN SCARLET-W VariCam LT Blackmagic Design announced URSA Mini Pro 4.6K, a new professional camera that combines high-end digital film quality with the ergonomics and features of a traditional broadcast camera. URSA Mini Pro features a massive number of tactile control buttons, switches and dials that make it faster to use, built-in optical ND filters, a new interchangeable lens mount, dual CFAST 2.0 and dual SD/UHS-II card recorders, and much more. Available now for 5,995 USD from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide, incl. optional PL and B4 (pictured) lens mounts. Blackmagic also announced two new portable hardware control panels for DaVinci Resolve, its professional editing and color correction software. These new control panels are designed to allow color correction workflows to be mixed in with editing workflows, while introducing new levels of quality in affordable hardware control panels. The DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel is available for 995 USD and the DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel is available for 2,995 USD, and both are also available now. DaVinci Resolve has been released in version 12.5.5, and is now available on Red Hat and CentOS Linux. This allows customers with Red Hat or CentoOS 6.8 or 7.2 systems to download and use the free version of DaVinci Resolve or the full DaVinci Resolve Studio. Adding Linux support gives customers more choice in hardware, allowing them to build extremely high performance, low cost workstations for editing and color correction. [source]

Ray-traced volume simulations now possible with V-Ray 3.5 for Nuke
[permalink] 02.03.2017

Chaos Software V-Ray NUKE videoChaos Group announced V-Ray 3.5 for Nuke, a major update to its production-proven ray-traced renderer used on films like Spectre and The Revenant. New support for volumetric rendering and deep compositing workflows have greatly expanded V-Ray for Nuke's core capabilities, adding flexibility to film and TV productions. Now for the first time, Nuke artists can use the V-Ray Volume Grid node to import and render fire, smoke and other fluid simulations as OpenVDB files from applications like Houdini. This gives compositors direct control over lighting and the final look of volumetric effects for better integration. For even more control, volumes rendered in V-Ray for Nuke are fully compatible with deep compositing. Deep rendering capabilities have also been greatly improved in this update, allowing artists to fully adopt deep compositing workflows. With V-Ray for Nuke deep data can be generated directly in Nuke, helping artists save disk space and file load times. V-Ray 3.5 for Nuke is available now and is a free update for V-Ray 3.x for Nuke customers. New workstation license can be purchased for 1,040 USD through select resellers. This includes one floating user license and one floating render node. V-Ray for Nuke can also render on existing V-Ray 3.x for 3ds Max and Maya render node licenses. [source]

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Eventide releases a new Fission plug-in

Eventide Fission Plugin vST AAX AU Eventide released Fission, the first product to feature its seminal Structural Effects method for cleanly and completely separating the transient and tonal components of a sound in a patent-pending approach which makes it practical to modify the individual components independently. The algorithm makes use of frequency-and-time-domain-sifting to, in effect, deconstruct a sound. Fission features multi-effects for the transient and tonal sections enabling modifications from the subtle to the bizarre. It's a new tool for working with classic effects like delay, EQ, and reverb; and a looper's dream. It's also a new tool for traditional, utilitarian uses. Fission is available now (as an AU/AAX/VST plug-in for Mac OS 10.7+ and Windows 7/8) for 45 days at an introductory price of 97 USD -- rising to an MSRP of 179 USD thereafter. [source]

Steinberg Cubase 8.5.30 improves Dorico compatibility, new trial versions
Steinberg released a maintenance update 8.5.30 for Cubase Pro and Artist. [more]
CINEMA 4D Service Release 18 (SP2)
This new service release improves stability and performance of Maxon's CINEMA 4D software for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering. [more]
Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.2 adds support for HitFilm Pro 2017
Red Giant Software's Magic Bullet Suite of visual effect plug-ins has been updated. [more]
Native Instruments FORM 1.1 update
Native Instruments released FORM 1.1, a significant update to this distinctive sample-scanning synthesizer. [more]
Steinberg VST SDK 3.6.7 with Linux and Open Source support
Steinberg released version 3.6.7 of their software development kit for VST. [more]
Chaos Group releases Phoenix FD 3 fluid dynamics plug-in for Autodesk Maya
Chaos Group released Phoenix FD 3 for Maya, a major update to its all-in-one fluid dynamics plug-in for Autodesk Maya. [more]

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