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Foundry launches Nuke 11.1
[permalink] 11.12.2017

NUKE Foundry Cara VRFoundry launched Nuke 11.1! Nuke 11.1 marks the next step in the continuous development of this cutting-edge series, with Nuke Studio, NukeX, Hiero and HieroPlayer all benefitting from features included in this latest installment. Now, users can work faster and more efficiently with more flexible management of files and easier analysis of their Nuke scripts. The Nuke family's localization system has been updated to provide more granular control over when and which files are localized; while also introducing more visual cues to showcase the status of localized files, for a more intuitive experience. The Python API has been extended to allow developers to set system modes and localization policies programmatically. Nuke's script performance profiling tools are now accessible within the UI, making it easier for artists to profile their scripts and identify areas possible areas for optimisation. Properties for source clips in the Nuke Studio and Hiero timeline have been extended to offer more consistent properties with Read nodes in Nuke and create more efficient workflows across the Nuke Family. [source]

Steinberg WaveLab 9.5 trial version now available
[permalink] 07.12.2017

Steinberg WaveLab 9 Pro screenshotSteinberg announced the immediate availability of the free trial versions of WaveLab Pro 9.5 and WaveLab Elements 9.5. WaveLab 9.5 is a popular audio editing and mastering suite, featuring an array of new audio refinement and polishing features that make it possible to analyze and edit audio material more accurately than ever. Version 9.5 has tools like the new Spectrogram and Wavelet display, the Spectrum Editor, a new RestoreRig plug-in suite and many further features that deliver a quantum leap in audio quality. The trial versions of WaveLab 9.5 may be used for a period of 30 days, and includes all functionality of the full versions. [source]

Foundry launches Mari 4.0
[permalink] 06.12.2017

Foundry Mari 4.0 Foundry launches Mari 4.0, new version of its 3D painting and texturing application. Version 4.0 comes with a host of advanced features, making the tool easier to use and faster to learn. Mari 4.0 comes equipped with more flexible and configurable exporting, simpler navigation, and a raft of improved workflows, including a drag-and-drop fill mechanism allowing users to fill paint across their selections in a far more intuitive manner; the Brush Editor now merged into the Tool Properties Palette, with the brush being used now clearly displayed; a new Palette for browsing texture sets; and a shader in Mari that previews and works with the channels that match their final 3D program/shader: the Principled BRDF, based on the 2012 paper from Brent Burley of Walt Disney Animation Studios. [source]

Arturia V Collection 6 now available
[permalink] 06.12.2017

Arturia V Collection 6 video The team at Arturia are proud to announce that V Collection 6 is now available! The V Collection 6 represents a landmark in the title§s history, with the addition of 4 iconic instruments, bringing the total number of synth and keyboard recreations to 21. To celebrate its release, and only until January 10, 2018, the V Collection 6 is available for 399 EUR instead of 499 EUR. The new synths introduced by version 6 are BUCHLA EASEL V, DX7 V, CLAVINET V, and CMI V. [source]

Cara VR 2.0: More efficient creation of seamless VR and 360 video content
[permalink] 05.12.2017

NUKE Foundry Cara VRFoundry has announced the launch of Cara VR 2.0, the next chapter for the cutting-edge virtual reality plug-in toolset for Nuke. Building on the first-of-its-kind plug-in debuted in 2016, Cara VR 2.0 boasts improved stitching and stabilization, allowing for more efficient creation of seamless VR and 360 video content with the highest levels of quality. The new version features major updates in stitching, the introduction of 360 match-move tracking and automatic stabilization, with new tools for stereoscopic corrections using the cutting edge algorithms from Ocula. [source]

Red Giant Software Trapcode Suite 14.0.3
[permalink] 04.12.2017

Red Giant Software Trapcode Particular 3 videoRed Giants updated their video effects plug-in set Trapcode Suite for Adobe After Effects. New version adds the ability to add OBJ sequences via the Designer or OBJ panel in Particular and Form, and also features several fixes across the board, incl. OpenGL errors in Mir and After Effects CC 2018. More here. [source]

Arturia announces AudioFuse firmware update 1.1
[permalink] 04.12.2017

Arturia BeatStep Pro videoThe first update since the release of AudioFuse -- Arturia's debut audio interface -- is now available. The new update brings the superb 3ms latency of its macOS performance to Windows systems, as well as greater CPU efficiency, and a Sleep Mode which can be enabled by holding down the Arturia button, letting users power down their units when not in use. Showing improvement across the board, the lower buffer sizes in the latest AudioFuse driver give a latency speed improvement of between 30% and 45%, bringing to total round-trip latency down as low as 3 ms. A buffer size of just 8 samples can now be used without reducing CPU performance. This enhancement goes hand in hand with general stability improvements, ensuring no information is lost even at the most demanding settings. Windows users will find they are able to make even more out of their CPU, with the extra efficiency letting them use more tracks, more effects, and more virtual instruments in their DAWs. [source]

Steinberg Nuendo 7.1.40 with new video engine
[permalink] 01.12.2017

Steinberg Cubase 7 screenshotSteinberg released a new maintenance update for Nuendo 7, previous generation of its flagship audio-to-picture software for Windows and Mac OS. Version 7.1.40 is a final update to Nuendo 7, and introduces Steinberg's state-of-the-art video engine that is no longer based on the Apple QuickTime technology. [source]

Official Affinity Photo Workbook
[permalink] 30.11.2017

Serif Affinity Photo Book The official Affinity Photo Workbook is now available! Printed on 488 glossy color pages, in English and German versions, the stylish hard-cover book is the only official companion to Affinity Photo. It's packed full of tips, tricks and insights designed to help users make the most of the app on Mac and Windows. Serif has commissioned professional photographers and digital artists from around the world to create 16 projects which will help readers make full use of the unrivaled range of tools available in Affinity Photo on desktop. More than 600 illustrations and app screenshots add to the high-quality look and feel of the book. As an added bonus, for users of the app on Mac or Windows there are five tear-out card keyboard shortcut cheat sheets on sturdy card for easy reference. [source]

Waves VU Meter
[permalink] 29.11.2017

Waves VU Meter video Waves Audio is now shipping the Waves VU Meter, a plug-in with unparalleled smoothness and perfect ballistic response that equals the best hardware VU meters. Waves VU Meter features average levels to achieve a well-balanced mix, accurate ballistic response with smooth movement & fast refresh rate, headroom calibration 4 to 26 dB, and a classic console VU meter design. MSRP 39 USD. [source]

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NewTek ships LightWave 3D 2018

NewTek LightWave 2018 screenshot NewTek, Inc., announced availability of LightWave 2018, the new iteration of their comprehensive 3D animation system. The software for Windows and Mac operating systems is available from January 1, 2018, and introduces new features for physically-based rendering, VR rendering, and more. It also extends the functionality of popular features like the buffer system, FiberFX, cel-shading, object deformations, and others. The new version offers a completely rewritten rendering, shading and lighting architecture for greater realism, accuracy and ease-of-use as well as expanded workflow for render and light buffers that simplifies compositing and offers more flexibility, including real-time preview of new buffers in any viewport using Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR). Using the new volumetric render primitives, artists can specify physical properties, Scattering, Absorption and Emission parameters, along with powerful node networks. New lighting architecture brings physical lights that can be optionally visible to the camera, and improved loading of IES web files to better match the intensity of real manufactured lights. The Surface Editor has also been overhauled for the new shading system with powerful node-based materials. The Layout View viewport in the Modeler shows the current camera view from Layout, and features fully interactive tools including Lattice, Smoothing, Array and Spline Bridge. Additionally, LightWave 2018 includes new enhancements to the VPR and introduces many additional new features and improvements such UDIM texture support, more supported presets, FiberFX, Unity 5 support, and more. LightWave 2018 for Windows and Mac OS is out now for 995 USD. Registered owners of any previous version of LightWave 3D can upgrade to LightWave 2018 for 295 USD through March 31, 2018. A no-cost 30-day full-feature trial of LightWave 2018 can be downloaded here. [source]

Steinberg WaveLab 9.5 trial version now available
Steinberg announced the immediate availability of the free trial versions of WaveLab Pro 9. [more]
Grass Valley EDIUS 9 demo version
Grass Valley launched EDIUS 9, new version of its popular Windows-based video editing platform. [more]
Brainworx brings British E-Series console to the masses
Plug-in developer Brainworx announced the availability of bx_console E -- their flagship plug-in that pairs a 72-channel emulation of the high-end, hit-making British E-Series console complete with comprehensive compressor/limiter, expander/gate, four-band parametric EQ, and wide-ranging filter sections, together with flexible signal routing, just like the original console. [more]
Boris Continuum 11.0.2 adds FCP X support and speed improvements
The new, free Boris Continuum 11.0.2 update adds support for Apple FCP X and Motion 5 as well as speed improvements to the VR Unit, Title Studio, and 3D Objects, plus new Title Studio presets. [more]
Red Giant Universe 2.2.2 with DaVinci Resolve 14 support
Red Giant Software released Universe 2.2.2, an update to Red Giant Universe, its GPU-accelerated plug-ins for editors and motion graphics artists. [more]
NewTek ships LightWave 3D 2018
NewTek, Inc., announced availability of LightWave 2018, the new iteration of their comprehensive 3D animation system. [more]

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