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Layer Groups 1.1 now support InDesign CS3
[permalink] 12.10.2007
Layer Groups InDesign plug-in graphicsLayer Groups, a plug-in for organizing layers in InDesign now supports CS3, announced Goldwein Research Ltd. Upgrade for current users is free. Download the program (which also works as a 14-day demo) here, or directly: for Windows and Mac OS X (approx. 3MB). See the Info Sheet PDF document for more information. [source]
Spiral Graphics release fourth free Texture Pack
[permalink] 12.10.2007
Genetica Texture Pack 4 logoDevelopers of a node-based seamless texture editor Genetica, Colorado-based Spiral Graphics, released the fourth installment of their line of free seamless texture packs. It is packed with more than 150 royalty free seamless terrain textures, created with Genetica. The textures are available in resolution-independent procedural form (GTX), as well as pre-rendered JPEGs. The GTX-format textures can be viewed and rendered (including bump and specular maps) using the free Genetica Viewer (requires registration). A downloadable demo of Genetica 2.5 is available here (direct download: Standard Edition, Pro Edition - 8MB). Genetica Standard and Pro for Windows 2000 (or later) cost $129 US and $399 US respectively. [source]
Knoll Light Factory 3.0 for Photoshop just released
[permalink] 11.10.2007
Knoll Light Factory 3 Photoshop example imageDigital Anarchy has released version 3.0 of the acclaimed Knoll Light Factory plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (the After Effects version is still available from Red Giant Software). Version 3.0 comes with redesigned user interface for ease of use including previews of light presets and access to editing functions in one window; real-time preview; more light presets; 16-bit per channel, Mac Intel, and 64-bit Windows support; multi-level undo functionality; and the ability to mask or tint the lights. Available now for Windows 2000 and Mac OS X 10.2 (or higher) with a price tag of US $149 (on sale for $129 through October 21, 2007) or US $89 USD (on sale for $79) in case of an upgrade from version 2.x. [source]
LightWave 3D helps in a restoration project
[permalink] 11.10.2007
Mont-Saint-Michel Restoration Project Lightave VisualizationThe partnership of Imagence & MG Design used NewTek LightWave 3D to create a simulation visualization of Mont-Saint-Michel (the second most visited tourist site in France today) restoration project. "The scene is comprised of 3.2 million polygons (including 9800 trees and 2000 vehicles) and 5GB of textures" said Christian John of Imagence. "We went as far as putting ditches at the roadside. The new barrier can be animated in real-time to show how it works. We've used LightWave at Imagence for 15 years now. Confronted with the scale of this project it didn't let us down," he continued. For conversion to real-time 3D they used the RTGU system from MG Design and took scenes directly from LightWave 3D. Using LightWave content in this way allowed the user to visit the whole area (40 square km) as a pedestrian, in a moving vehicle or even a helicopter. A demonstration video of the real-time 3D model can be seen here. [source]
'Universal' plug-ins for LightWave 9.3
[permalink] 11.10.2007
Here is a list of currently available Mac OS X 'Universal Binary' plug-ins for NewTek's 3D animation package LightWave 3D 9.3. Among the listed are Vue Xstream, Maxwell Render, LWCAD 2.5, StarPro 1.5, or ChanLum Node. [source]
The Mill does 'The Moves'
[permalink] 11.10.2007
Mill Moves Comfort spotThe Mill produced new 'Do the Moves' commercial for Comfort with animator Rob van den Bragt sitting in the director's chair, Johan Bjorgvin doing choreography for 'the moves', Matthieu Bessudo working on the 17 characters, and Jimmy Kiddell on the layouts, colors and props for the sets. The cloth simulations - including scarves, ties, skirts and flapping curtains as well as cloth branches and trees - were done using the Maya 8.5 cloth simulator nCloth. The two-and-a-half month production wrapped up with six days of grading (colors needed to be bold and cheerful to emphasize the good mood) and compositing on Flame (Giles Cheetham was given rough comps, done in Shake by rendering team Laurent Makowski and Fabrice Le Nezet). Watch the spot on YouTube. [source]
New releases from Artbeats: Fitness & Babies
[permalink] 10.10.2007
Artbeats Fitness footage screenshotRoyalty-free stock footage specialists Artbeats released four new collections in their Lifestyles category: Babies, Babies HD, Fitness, and Fitness HD. The 'Babies' product contains videos of 'infants, babies and toddlers in charmingly typical behavior', while the 'Fitness' collection 'is packed with versatile footage of men and women working out to stay fit.' New stock titles were shot with HDCAM cameras and are available in both NTSC/PAL (progressive scanning, US $599) and HD (1080p30, US $1099) resolutions. [source]
MayaIcons 4.0 supports Maya 2008
[permalink] 10.10.2007
MayaIcons logoMaya-related icon set 'MayaIcons' for Windows has been updated to version 4.0, which now supports Maya 2008, has a new interface/installer, and comes with multiple icon sets and the ability to rebuild the icon cache. Created by Ruben Algarra of Cubica and distributed as freeware (download it from the highend3d.com server directly). [source]
ZAppLink for ZBrush 3.1
[permalink] 10.10.2007
ZBrush ZAppLink logoPixologic, makers of ZBrush digital sculpting software for Windows, released a new version of their ZAppLink plug-in which "allows you to seamlessly integrate your favorite image editing software [e.g. Photoshop] into your ZBrush workflow". New is: the integrated editor selection functionality for easy setup with the application ZBrush will link with; creation of ZBrush stencils in Photoshop via selection tools and creation of ZBrush layers within Photoshop; Saving and Loadaing views of your model or the ability to send your stored views to Photoshop all at once; and others. More information on the new functions as well as installation instructions and tutorials can be found here. Download ZAppLink 3 from this location (or directly - 3MB). Please note: ZAppLink 3 will only run in ZBrush 3.1. The 3.1 update can be found on the same page; or directly here (13MB). [source]
Pro Tools 7.4 features new Elastic Time
[permalink] 10.10.2007
Pro Tools Digidesign 7.4 update graphicsDigidesign announced new version of its Pro Tools software at this year's AES Convention. Pro Tools 7.4 features the time stretching functionality called Elastic Time designed to change the tempo and timing of loops, music, dialog, and other sound files without cutting up audio. Powerful tempo and transient analysis algorithms will empower you to create loops from any audio file, and automatically conform loops during import to match your session's tempo (Pro Tools will even load REX and Acid loops). Version 7.4 also brings compatibility with Avid video editing platforms, and Windows Vista OS; MIDI input (both controller and note data) directly from ReWire applications; and full Unicode support. Digidesign specified no release date for Pro Tools 7.4, the news brief mentions that "it will be available soon for all Pro Tools platforms" (HD, LE, and M-Powered). [source]
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Autodesk Maya 2018 ships

Autodesk Maya 2018 video animation worgflow Autodesk Maya 2018 has arrived. The new version comes with enhanced workflows across the board, including enhanced modeling tools with Topological Symmetry support, single top-level symmetry control, and vector displacement map stamps. An improved shape authoring workflow offers a smoother experience, including the ability to perform pose-space deformation on rigged characters. New tools for working with UVs allow artists to stack similar UV shells, automatically redistribute UVs for even spacing, and constrain the movement of UVs along edges. Animators will benefit from updates to the recently added Time Editor and overhauled, faster-to-use Graph Editor. With 64-bit time precision, Maya 2018 adds timecode improvements with new non-integer framerates, NTSC drop and non-drop formats, allowing users to use standard capture formats without having to convert data. For the first time, rigid-body dynamics can be combined with procedural instancing, through simple and fast-to-manage dynamic properties and constraints over large numbers of instances. With just a few clicks, users can create complex arrangements of animated instances that can act dynamically, collide with each other, be bounced around by dynamic forces, and be constrained. Maya 2018 also welcomes Arnold 5 to the family with all the full features as its built-in renderer, introducing better samplers, improved speed, and simplified workflows. Arnold 5 also comes with new, more physically-accurate shaders, such as a standard surface shader, a standard hair shader, and a volume shader. Maya 2018 also includes hundreds of bug fixes to deliver a better overall experience. [source]

Brainworx brings British E-Series console to the masses
Plug-in developer Brainworx announced the availability of bx_console E -- their flagship plug-in that pairs a 72-channel emulation of the high-end, hit-making British E-Series console complete with comprehensive compressor/limiter, expander/gate, four-band parametric EQ, and wide-ranging filter sections, together with flexible signal routing, just like the original console. [more]
Nuendo 8 trial version now available
Steinberg announced the immediate availability of the Nuendo 8 trial version. [more]
Golaem 6 with custom AI capabilities
Golaem announced Golaem 6, giving TDs more accesses under the hood of this crowd simulation engine for Autodesk Maya. [more]
Steinberg Cubase 9.0.30 update with new video engine
Steinberg announced the immediate availability of the latest Cubase maintenance update, version 9. [more]
Steinberg Cubase 9 upgrade offer
Until August 31, Cubase users can benefit from exceptional price reductions on upgrades to Cubase Pro 9 and Cubase Artist 9. [more]
Blackmagic Design announces Fusion 9 Studio with VR and lower price!
Blackmagic Design announced Fusion 9, a major update to its visual effects, compositing, 3D and motion graphics software. [more]

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