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Evasion|3D announced a stand-alone version of X-Dof
[permalink] 30.06.2007

X-DOF example

Evasion|3D released a stand-alone version of their Depth of Field simulator for LightWave 3D and mental ray - X-Dof. The X-Dof Studio system works as a pixel-based process, that creates smooth, and accurate depth-of-field on an image or a video input. The software simulates custom lens diaphragms, lens chromatic aberration; features correct alpha blending and transparency, full parameter keyframing, real-time preview, pick-and-click camera focus functionality, and more. View their 'System and workflow overview' and 'Sample animation project' videos to see it in action. This Windows-only application is priced at $299 US (with a special introductory pricing of $199 US until September 01, 2007). [source]

Metric Halo ship Mobile I/O Version 4 software
[permalink] 28.06.2007

Metric Halo ConnectMetric Halo announced the immediate release of version 4 of Mobile I/O - a software / firmware / driver update that enhances the capabilities of all new and existing Mobile I/O hardware products (mobile audio FireWire interfaces for the Mac OS platform). Version 4 introduces MIOConsoleConnect, a new Metric Halo technology which provides total integration of Mobile I/O hardware with every Mac-based DAW, or any plug-in host on the platform. Implemented as AU, VST and RTAS plug-ins, MIOConsoleConnect directly integrates the MIOConsole control system with the host of the user's choice (incl. Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, and Pro Tools). Other new features include: FireWire Returns (integrated FireWire Returns to the computer via FireWire with no external loopback); Record Panel (streamlined, multi-channel recording system built right in to MIOConsole); DSP plug-ins (release version of previously beta-only plug-ins - from simple math primitives to a complete integrated ChannelStrip processor); 32-bit CoreAudio Transport engine; Universal Binary; and New Look (UI to better integrate with the look of Mac OS X)... The update is available free of charge to all Mobile I/O users - here. [source]

UNFOLD3D for Softimage|XSI 6 now available
[permalink] 27.06.2007

Few things in 3D graphics are more bothersome than UV mapping of organic models. With this in mind, a French company Polygonal Design created UNFOLD3D - a fast, semi-automatic UV mapping solution. Now in its fifth generation, it is also available as a plug-in for Autodesk's 3ds Max and Softimage's XSI, the latter has just been updated to be compatible with the sixth version of its host application. Pictures are sometimes worth more than words: you can check out the demo videos showing the plug-ins' features here or request a demo version and see it for yourself... [source]

Digieffects Acquires Buena Software from Toolfarm
[permalink] 25.06.2007
Digieffects LLC, a developer of popular plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro, announced the purchase of Buena Software from Toolfarm. The Buena Software plug-ins (Au Naturel - 32-bit per channel floating point linear RGB color space, Depth Cue - depth effects for 3D layers, Swatch Buckler - floating color palette for the AE GUI and Effect Essentials - video effect plug-ins providing 'essential tools' for productivity and creativity) will be offered from Digieffects with lower prices immediately: Effect Essentials and Au Naturel will be combined into one package called the Buena Effects Pack. The suggested retail price of this new package is $199 US (formerly $249 and $149 US respectively). Depth Cue will remain a standalone plug-in with the same suggested retail price of $199 US. Swatch Buckler is now available as a free download from Digieffects' web site (formerly $49). [source]
NVIDIA transforms today's workstations into
[permalink] 20.06.2007

NVIDIA Tesla logo

NVIDIA announced a new class of processors based on a revolutionary new GPU. Under the NVIDIA Tesla brand, NVIDIA will offer a family of GPU computing products that will place the power previously available only from supercomputers in the hands of every scientist and engineer as today's workstations will be transformed into "personal supercomputers." The Tesla family of GPU computing solutions span PCs to large scale server clusters and includes: NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing Processor (a dedicated computing board that scales to multiple Tesla GPUs inside a single PC or workstation. The Tesla GPU features 128 parallel processors, and delivers up to 518 gigaflops of parallel computation.); NVIDIA Tesla Deskside Supercomputer (A scalable computing system that includes two NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and attaches to a PC or workstation through an industry-standard PCI-Express connection.); and NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing Server (A 1U server housing up to eight NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, containing more than 1000 parallel processors that add teraflops of parallel processing to clusters.). The product line also features a complete software development solution NVIDIA CUDA that includes a C-compiler for the GPU, debugger/profiler, dedicated driver, and standard libraries for Linux and Microsoft Windows XP systems. See the Product Overview or Technical Brief documents for more information. [source]

Sapphire Plug-ins v4 for Autodesk Systems
[permalink] 19.06.2007

Sapphire logo

For years, GenArts Sapphire plug-ins were regarded as one of the most sophisticated yet easy to use high-end plug-in package available in the visual effects industry. The newly announced Sapphire Plug-ins version 4 for Autodesk compositing and editing systems features over 45 new effects (including FilmDamage, FilmEffect, DeinterlaceAuto, ZDefocus, Cartoon, and many more), plus many enhancements and new parameters to existing effects in the package (LensFlare has 14 new Flare Types, Layer includes many new blend modes, Glare includes 4 new Glare Types etc.). Upgrade prices range between $1800 (Flint / Smoke SD) and $4800 (for Inferno with 8 render nodes), you can also request a Free Trial license before purchasing or download a full version (for Linux or IRIX) which renders a protective watermark to the output unless you have a license... [source]

Developer version of Fusion 5.1 available
[permalink] 14.06.2007

eyeon Fusion 5 splash screeneyeon released the developer version of their award-winning, desktop compositing application, Fusion 5.1. It is a streamlined version with no image processing abilities from the Fusion toolset, allowing developers to load and test their plug-ins without acquiring a full license of the software. You can get the Fusion 5 Software Development Kit here (the new SDK does not require you to be signed in to your account, nor does it use a specific developer ID) but the developer version must be requested by e-mailing to sdk@eyeonline.com. [source]

eyeon Software announced Vision and Rotation
[permalink] 14.06.2007

eyeon Vision graphiceyeon Software Inc. - makers of the acclaimed video-compositing suite Fusion - nnounced the addition of two new products to their line: Vision and Rotation. Vision has been designed as an ideal add-on to NLEs and postproduction suites and combines extensive motion graphics capabilities with a thorough scripting engine to automate repetitive tasks, such as station packaging and promos. Rotation is a cost-effective solution to create roto mattes (with double-edged splines to control mask drop-off) and features extensive keying (channels, chroma, blue/green screens and difference) and retouching features (vector-based paint w/tablet support, cloning and smearing)... Both applications are based on Fusion's image processing core and feature similar node-based workflow, ASCII-based project files and a shared bin system for collaborative workflow. Vision's retail price tag is $1,495 US, while Rotation is available for $695 US. [source]

Sibelius 5 comes with Ideas Hub, a new way to organize musical ideas
[permalink] 07.06.2007

Sibelius 5 logoSibelius Software announced the fifth version of their best-selling music notation software. New in Sibelius 5 is the Ideas Hub feature which makes it easy for users to capture, tag, find and bring together their musical ideas. Composers can quickly capture snippets of music they have written, tag them with keywords - such as, 'violin', 'tremolo', 'minor' etc. - and then find them again in an instant. Sibelius 5 also comes with Sibelius Sounds Essentials as standard (a 2GB collection of sounds selected from top libraries by Garritan, SonicVox and Tapspace), as well as with VST & Audio Units support; SoundWorld (new way of categorizing sounds), and Panorama (offers a clear, wide view of music that enables faster composition and easier revisions) features; new elegant music font Reprise; and many more. For more information about new features, watch the Sibelius 5 Movie; or download the demo version here (requires registration)... [source]

Schoeps releases their 'Double MS Tool' for free!
[permalink] 04.06.2007

Schoeps DMS plug-in screenshotSchoeps, a German legend in the field of professional microphone design, released a free VST Windows-only plug-in, that: "[...] enables customized and intuitive decoding of the three signals of the Double M/S system." Double M/S technique uses one Figure-of-8 and two (Front / Rear) Cardioid microphones for a three channel recording which can be later decoded to a 5.0 surround mix. You can get the plug-in here (requires registration). Don't forget to download the audio samples (or directly: Beethoven Piano Concert, and Ambience) kindly provided by Schoeps, as well as their Surround Brochure, and a PDF version of the Resolution 04/2007 article dedicated to the usage of the plug-in. Thank you, Schoeps! [source]

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Foundry launches Nuke and Hiero 11.0

Foundry Nuke 11 video Foundry launched Nuke and Hiero 11.0, the next major release for the Nuke family of products including Nuke, NukeX, Nuke Studio, Hiero and HieroPlayer. With this release, the Nuke family is being updated to VFX Platform 2017 -- which includes several major updates to key libraries used within Nuke, including Python, Pyside and Qt -- and also introduces a new type of group node which offers a powerful new collaborative workflow for sharing work among artists. Live Groups referenced in other scripts automatically update when a script is loaded, without the need to render intermediate stages. Nuke Studio's intelligent background rendering is now available in Nuke and NukeX. The Frame Server takes advantage of available resource on your local machine, enabling you to continue working while rendering is happening in the background. The LensDistortion node in NukeX has been completely revamped, with added support for fisheye and wide-angle lenses and the ability to use multiple frames to produce better results. It is now also GPU-enabled, as is the new GPU accelerated disk caching in Nuke Studio that allows users to cache part or all of a sequence to disk for smoother playback of more complex sequences. [source]

Brainworx brings British E-Series console to the masses
Plug-in developer Brainworx announced the availability of bx_console E -- their flagship plug-in that pairs a 72-channel emulation of the high-end, hit-making British E-Series console complete with comprehensive compressor/limiter, expander/gate, four-band parametric EQ, and wide-ranging filter sections, together with flexible signal routing, just like the original console. [more]
Nuendo 8 trial version now available
Steinberg announced the immediate availability of the Nuendo 8 trial version. [more]
Golaem 6 with custom AI capabilities
Golaem announced Golaem 6, giving TDs more accesses under the hood of this crowd simulation engine for Autodesk Maya. [more]
Steinberg Cubase 9.0.30 update with new video engine
Steinberg announced the immediate availability of the latest Cubase maintenance update, version 9. [more]
Steinberg Cubase 9 upgrade offer
Until August 31, Cubase users can benefit from exceptional price reductions on upgrades to Cubase Pro 9 and Cubase Artist 9. [more]
Blackmagic Design announces Fusion 9 Studio with VR and lower price!
Blackmagic Design announced Fusion 9, a major update to its visual effects, compositing, 3D and motion graphics software. [more]

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