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Grit Node - a 'Dirt shader' for LightWave 3D rises again
[permalink] 07.07.2007
Grit Node LightWave exampleGrit - free "Accessibilty Shader" plug-in for LightWave - has been updated to work with the Nodal Shader System of the ninth installment of its host application. Grit enables you to shade surfaces based on their accessibility, i.e. it lets you put dirt in hard to reach places of your model, easily. Download the Windows (x32 and x64) or Mac OS X versions here.
IK Multimedia announces Windows Vista support
[permalink] 07.07.2007

Makers of the famous AmpliTube guitar amp & FX modeling software, Italian company IK Multimedia, announced the support of Windows Vista across their entire product range (incl. Ampeg SVX, AmpliTube 2, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, Miroslav Philharmonik, and SampleTank 2). Download the latest plug-in versions and drivers from the IK User Area. [source]

How Walt Disney Cartoons are Made
[permalink] 06.07.2007
Disney DocumentaryInterested in classic cartoon animation workflows? Watch the short RKO 1938 documentary 'How Walt Disney Cartoons are Made' on YouTube. In 8.5 minutes, it shows the birth of a legendary animated feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - from writing and sketching, through inking, coloring, background painting, photography, sound effects creation, scoring, all the way up to the official premiere in Carthay Circle Theatre. [source]
Keylight for After Effects Updated
[permalink] 05.07.2007
The Foundry updated the After Effects version their Academy Award winning keyer, Keylight (Originally developed by The Computer Film Company). Keylight 1.2v5 is included with Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional and this maintenance update fixes several bugs discovered since the AE CS3 release. Download the update free of charge here and see the release notes for a full list of changes (or download the updated User Guide). [source]
Crowley and Tripp mics taken to The Hideout
[permalink] 05.07.2007

Crowley & Tripp Studio Vocalist iconIndependent producer and engineer Michael Hynes recorded Danya River's full-length album (together with partner Mark Cravotta, in their The Hideout Studio; Austin, Texas) using ribbon microphones made by Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc. "The female voice is very complicated," said Hynes, "and Danya's voice is particularly so. She has a very rich, even low-end and captivating breathiness. [...]" "The Crowley and Tripp Studio Vocalist ribbon was just the microphone I had been searching for," added Hynes. "It captured the warm bottom-end of her voice and enough breath and presence so that I didn't think of it as a normal ribbon. The Studio Vocalist captured her voice the way I heard it naturally in the room with my ears." For the album, Hynes sent the Studio Vocalist into a Sage Electronics preamp, an API 5500 two-channel equalizer, a Neve tape drive processor, and a Neve Portico compressor. The producers also employed a Blumlein pair of Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye microphones, to mike drums, Hammond B3 Leslie Cabinet, and guitars... [source]

Ballistic ships EXPOSE 5
[permalink] 03.07.2007

EXPOSE book photoAustralian company Ballistic Publishing ships the fifth installment in their popular digital art book series EXPOSE. EXPOSE showcases the best digital art (Categories of: Portrait (Painted and Rendered); Architecture (Exterior, Interior and Reconstructed); Fantasy; Action; Concept Art; Creatures; Environment; Cityscapes; Matte Painting; Science Fiction; Abstract; Product Design & Still life; Horror & Surreal; Humorous; Whimsical; and Transport) from around the world each year. Judged by an international team of industry leaders this year's edition features 298 examples of some of the world's best digital art prepared by 218 artists from 45 countries and selected from over 4,500 entries. EXPOSE 5 is available in three editions: Hard Cover ($65 US); Soft Cover ($55 US) and Limited Edition ($145 US - includes an additional 16 pages of artist profiles and 8 Limited Edition prints). [source]

Evasion|3D announced a stand-alone version of X-Dof
[permalink] 30.06.2007

X-DOF example

Evasion|3D released a stand-alone version of their Depth of Field simulator for LightWave 3D and mental ray - X-Dof. The X-Dof Studio system works as a pixel-based process, that creates smooth, and accurate depth-of-field on an image or a video input. The software simulates custom lens diaphragms, lens chromatic aberration; features correct alpha blending and transparency, full parameter keyframing, real-time preview, pick-and-click camera focus functionality, and more. View their 'System and workflow overview' and 'Sample animation project' videos to see it in action. This Windows-only application is priced at $299 US (with a special introductory pricing of $199 US until September 01, 2007). [source]

Metric Halo ship Mobile I/O Version 4 software
[permalink] 28.06.2007

Metric Halo ConnectMetric Halo announced the immediate release of version 4 of Mobile I/O - a software / firmware / driver update that enhances the capabilities of all new and existing Mobile I/O hardware products (mobile audio FireWire interfaces for the Mac OS platform). Version 4 introduces MIOConsoleConnect, a new Metric Halo technology which provides total integration of Mobile I/O hardware with every Mac-based DAW, or any plug-in host on the platform. Implemented as AU, VST and RTAS plug-ins, MIOConsoleConnect directly integrates the MIOConsole control system with the host of the user's choice (incl. Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, and Pro Tools). Other new features include: FireWire Returns (integrated FireWire Returns to the computer via FireWire with no external loopback); Record Panel (streamlined, multi-channel recording system built right in to MIOConsole); DSP plug-ins (release version of previously beta-only plug-ins - from simple math primitives to a complete integrated ChannelStrip processor); 32-bit CoreAudio Transport engine; Universal Binary; and New Look (UI to better integrate with the look of Mac OS X)... The update is available free of charge to all Mobile I/O users - here. [source]

UNFOLD3D for Softimage|XSI 6 now available
[permalink] 27.06.2007

Few things in 3D graphics are more bothersome than UV mapping of organic models. With this in mind, a French company Polygonal Design created UNFOLD3D - a fast, semi-automatic UV mapping solution. Now in its fifth generation, it is also available as a plug-in for Autodesk's 3ds Max and Softimage's XSI, the latter has just been updated to be compatible with the sixth version of its host application. Pictures are sometimes worth more than words: you can check out the demo videos showing the plug-ins' features here or request a demo version and see it for yourself... [source]

Digieffects Acquires Buena Software from Toolfarm
[permalink] 25.06.2007
Digieffects LLC, a developer of popular plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro, announced the purchase of Buena Software from Toolfarm. The Buena Software plug-ins (Au Naturel - 32-bit per channel floating point linear RGB color space, Depth Cue - depth effects for 3D layers, Swatch Buckler - floating color palette for the AE GUI and Effect Essentials - video effect plug-ins providing 'essential tools' for productivity and creativity) will be offered from Digieffects with lower prices immediately: Effect Essentials and Au Naturel will be combined into one package called the Buena Effects Pack. The suggested retail price of this new package is $199 US (formerly $249 and $149 US respectively). Depth Cue will remain a standalone plug-in with the same suggested retail price of $199 US. Swatch Buckler is now available as a free download from Digieffects' web site (formerly $49). [source]
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Grass Valley EDIUS 9 to be previewed at IBC 2017

Grass Valley EDIUS 8 screenshotGrass Valley will be previewing EDIUS 9 at this year's IBC unveiling several new features, including a new "Cloud Ready" floating license package for large facilities that allows users to install EDIUS to multiple systems and then run simultaneously to a set number and add more licenses as needed. This enables the use of EDIUS 9 on virtual workstations with major cloud platforms. EDIUS 9 will support native editing on HDR material, and export contents in HDR for broadcasting and web distribution. Editors can mix SDR and HDR material on the same project, and output results in either color space. EDIUS 9, which will ship in November, also includes updates to the UI for better user operability, faster download and setup during the installation, the broad format support users have come to expect, and outstanding stability. For purchases of EDIUS 8 after Sept. 1, 2017, a free upgrade to EDIUS 9 will be available, and for users of earlier versions, a jump upgrade package will be offered. More detailed information will be provided at the time of IBC. [source]

Brainworx brings British E-Series console to the masses
Plug-in developer Brainworx announced the availability of bx_console E -- their flagship plug-in that pairs a 72-channel emulation of the high-end, hit-making British E-Series console complete with comprehensive compressor/limiter, expander/gate, four-band parametric EQ, and wide-ranging filter sections, together with flexible signal routing, just like the original console. [more]
Nuendo 8 trial version now available
Steinberg announced the immediate availability of the Nuendo 8 trial version. [more]
Golaem 6 with custom AI capabilities
Golaem announced Golaem 6, giving TDs more accesses under the hood of this crowd simulation engine for Autodesk Maya. [more]
New Grass Valley EDIUS 9 features revealed at IBC
The EDIUS.NET web site has published a new video revealing several new features in the upcoming (November 2017) EDIUS 9 version, Grass Valley's popular video editing software for Windows. [more]
Apple iOS 11 now available
Starting Tuesday, September 19, iPhone and iPad customers around the world will be able to update their devices to iOS 11, a major update to Apple's advanced mobile operating system, and the biggest software release ever for iPad. [more]
Blackmagic Design Fusion 9.0.1 Studio
The new 9.0.1 point update for Blackmagic Design's visual effects software Fusion includes over 50 performance and stability improvements including better OpenCL performance, enhanced camera tracker and QuickTime metadata support, and more. [more]

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